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               New TEEN class for  existing Krav Maga students

Dear Parent and Guardians

First of all I would like to sincerely thank you  for all your support over the years.

I am opening a new slot for all the new first years and some of our students currently in secondary school . This provides an environment for them all to train with other students of similar age and most of them will have met each other previously.

More than ever self defence skills are a very valuable skill to have as the students enter school. It gives them a degree of self confidence and security as they start a new chapter in their lives.

The class will be held on Monday nights at 6pm from September 5th. The fee for Teen classes are normally €40 per month . However due to the bank holidays the cost per month for Monday classes is €35 per Student per month.

All of the students who are moving to this class have being training in Krav Maga for sometime now. Due to the pandemic I was unable to run tests for them . 

Now that we are in a better position to run tests. Their Level one Teen test will take place on the Saturday the 17th of December 2022.

Consistency in training is an essential part of the students development and progress, so students must do their best to attend classes regularly.

I look forward to working with this group and adding value to their lives.

John 🙂




As we draw closer to the reopening of the club I am excited for many reasons. One of them being the rollout of the new KMG Global P1 to P5 levels updates. Nothing to be scared of in this as I will take you through it step by step.

There is not a huge amount of change to each level however the changes are both progressive and welcomed additions.

Following your return to class I will email you, your new level syllabus, that will include your previous levels and the current one you are working on. All contain updates.

Print them off, staple them together to form a workbook, bring to class each week. You can add notes and doing this is  really a very effective Learning/Retention tool

It’s also a requirement that all G level students know and train on the updated P levels. G Level syllabus updates are being worked on at the moment, expecting rollout in the near future.

So I will see you soon and continue the journey 🙂

John Collins



KIDA!!  It’s been a while and I hope you  are all well. Great news that things are starting to reopen and giving us all a little lift and renewed hope.

I will reopen the club on Monday the 7th of June for both Adult and Junior classes . Your times and days will be the same as before including C&C classes. 

Vaccinations will be filtering down to you in the coming months but we still need to be on our guard. Our Covid 19 sanitising and distancing practices, in class ,.will be as before and work gloves worn in C&C classes.

I am excited about the reopening and I truly look forward to seeing you all back where we left off. See you soon 🙂


KIDA!! You may see some posts on social media referring to changes in the KMG P levels 1-5 , Syllabus.

This is a positive , It has been updated to reflect the four pillars of the KMG system. 

1)Technical Pillar, 2)Tactical Pillar, 3)Mental Pillar, 4)Physical Pillar. The content of each level is similar and has be revised to reflect and even more realistic situations and enhancing the skill levels of the P students.

There is nothing to be scared of, I have a copy of the new syllubus, I have read through it and I am happy with it.

I am scheduled to attend an online update  for Instructors this weekend, 23.01.21, hosted by Eyal.

It is intended that May 2021 is going to be the date of Introduction and from then onwards all teaching and testing will be based on the New updated Syllabus.

New G level, updated syllabus will also be introduced this year.

Looking Forward to Teaching these updates and helping all our students to improve their skills and keep everyone up to date and Safer

Our online classes for adults start on Feb 4th. Hope you will be on there.

John Collins 🙂


 Dear Parents, Guardians, Adult and TEEN students.

Some time ago I decided to prepare to travel to the home of Krav Maga, Isreal to do some training and testing, Training for nine days and a 10hr physical test to finish.

 In preparation for this journey I decided to get a full medical . Long story short, after seeing 2 Cardiac Specialists they found that I had a  Congenital Heart Defect (born with it) . I don’t have heart disease thank God.

I was then sent to a Cardiac Surgeon and the decision was made to have corrective surgery. I requested to have the surgery on December 1st 2020, so as to minimise the effect this would have in relation to my work as a Professional Krav Maga Instructor and the Club as it is how I have made  my living for the past ten years.

So then it was a waiting game, my surgeon Professor Mark Redmond called me a few weeks ago about the OP and I reminded him of the above time line and the reasons for it. He said he had little control of the scheduling process but he would keep it in mind. “Here if you don’t ask you won’t get”.

Anyway I got the call on Tuesday the 24th of November to be ready on Saturday the 28th of November to begin the prep and be admitted over the weekend  for Open Heart Surgery on Monday the 30th of November. So I hope this all goes to plan.

Recovery is estimated to be 8 weeks or so. Not looking forward to any of this really… My daughter asked how I felt about all this and I said ” I feel like I am about to take an extreme roller coaster ride ” the problem is I hate roller coasters 🙁

However I am looking forward to a full and speedy recovery. I sent out a text to all Parents & Guardians to inform them we would be starting back the first week of December. 

I am so sorry now we  won’t be starting back in December unfortunately . We might be back in January . I will keep you posted on my progress . I have had super support from you all, and I am sincerely very and always grateful for it. Have a great Christmas and I hope we all have a better year in 2021.  John 🙂

Video Message

Induction Video everyone must see in full before returning to classes

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