Why all Kid’s should do Krav Maga Self Defence

Kids self defence
Well Balanced Children

                                                                     Well Balanced Children

Kid’s need a physical outlet, that helps them develop strong mental and physical health, FACT. Also, these skills learnt early enough will assist them in their ability to cope with many of life’s challenges as they grow up. Krav Maga Ticks these boxes and many more tangible and intangible benefits. You could say Krav Maga is a long term investment in your child’s future. A bit like teaching them to swim, a very important and valuable life skill!! Is Kids self defence.

In My Experience of 20 years plus of teaching Kids self defence. I have seen many young students come and go. The ones I have seen commit to train in their chosen discipline and stick at it, (stickability, something we all could do with) without exception achieve higher standards, scores, salaries and prospects because they are GO Getter’s. Be it in primary school, secondary school, third level or in employment.

The reason for this is they understand what it’s actually like to have to work and earn their grades, in properly run self defence schools no grades are ever handed out !!

“Hard work pays off” has always been a mantra of mine. I’ve have witnessed and experienced this happen many times over, over the years.

I hope everything that has been written thus far will encourage you to seek out your local Krav Maga Global Affiliate Training Center

                        The Benefits of Krav Maga

The theme of our Kid’s classes have a huge emphasis on awareness around bullying , what to do and what not to do, especially in school

A few of the benefits of proper Krav Maga training and Instruction for Kid’s are the following:

  • Improved discipline: basic respect for others, how to apologies to others when you have done wrong. (Our simple and effective method is, verbally apology to the other, shake hands, move on and get back to work)

  • Improved Concentration: the ability to focus on learning movement or specific techniques. This often translates to their class room and school work. Super don’t you think?
  • Improved co-ordination: Moving multiple parts of the body at the same time, purposefully. Better hand eye coordination.

  • Work ethic: You want it, you work for it and you will reap the reward

  • Friendships and socialization skills: Student interaction, rough play, light sparring and defence. The ability to read and understand basic body language. Most importantly from my point of view, threatening or aggressive signals form others, including adults.

  • The reduction in childhood stress and depression, the reduction in childhood obesity and its associated illnesses.

Look I could go on.

Fun is so… important in our classes; A large Dollop of fun, loads of positive reinforcement , all helping towards increasing individual confidence, self-esteem and a super learning environment.

Junior Krav Maga Portlaoise
Major Discussion on Personal Safety

                         It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults


                                              Other Krav Maga

I can only vouch for the Krav Maga Global (KMG) as I have been teaching this system for the past 7 years. I know little or nothing on what other non KMG Krav Maga schools teach of their students. So I am not even going to bother guessing.

My strongest advice is to do your research and select carefully who you want to teach your Kid’s. Their life and development may depend on it.

KMG training is suitable for everyone and we are the only KMG Krav Maga Specialist in Portlaoise & Midlands of Ireland.

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