Instructor John Collins

John Collins

               12 years Teaching and Studying Krav Maga Professionally,                                                                     the club opened January 12th 2012 .

This amazing journey continues… I started training in the martial arts around 1980 in a small way. Karate was the main discipline of the time. It was 1990 when I joined up with Ed Downey at his  Kenpo club in Celbridge. I was with Ed for many years. In the latter  stages of training  I trained at Portlaoise Kenpo Karate.  I was also and Instructor here for many years  for both Junior and Senior students. I ran the Friday night sparring class for many years. Receiving my black belt in 2011. My interest  in Krav Maga began a few years previous. Toward the end of 2011 I also became a KMG Krav Maga Instructor after 180 hours for extensive training and started Krav Maga Portlaoise and Midlands. I John Collins have been running this club ever since and progressing up the ranks in KMG and have expanded my knowledge greatly due to working with many great KMG experts from all over the world. Currently Expert Level 1 (Black Belt)

Kid’s Krav is an extensive and growing section of our club. We now have Kid’s classes every evening Monday to Friday.

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Here are some of the humbling testimonies that some of our practitioners have give in respect for what Krav Maga is for them

Tracy Cullen

"Krav Maga is for everyone For myself and my two daughters Krav is not a hobby, but a life skill for the world we live in today. Meeting new people, building mental strength and self confidence and by far exceeding my own personal expectations, is just another added benefit."

Barry Leonard

"The best self defence system for today's world is Krav Maga It's a privilege to have learned from someone as qualified and as diligent John Collins, in a professional and enjoyable atmosphere. Krav Maga is an excellent way to get fit and learn new skills"

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